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What happened to 93 Zoo FM and Star 96.9?
Spokane airwaves have changed again!
Spokane, WA. FM Radio

92.9 ZZU, Modern Hit Music! No, KCDA 103.1 FM didn't overthrow the 93 ZOO staff in the middle of the night to help spread the sounds of American Idol Stars. ZOO to ZZU…Maybe no one will know the difference. Goodbye 93 Zoo FM.

Star 96.9 FM KEZE which played 80s, '90s and current hits is now Wired 96.9 FM "Blazin' Today's Hottest Music". For unknown reasons, this 93 Zoo FM replacement decided to reside at 96.9FM rather than its sister station at 92.9FM which had a similar format.

Spokane Radio. ZOO, ZZU, WIRED and Star. Spokane, WA.

If this trend continues in Spokane we all might have to resort to internet radio and XM Satellite Radio.